Experience the royal taste of PREUẞENS!
Our unique brand is characterised by a combination of features that create a truly exceptional beer. As a product of the House of Hohenzollern and the Royal Prussian family, PREUẞENS beer embodies the royal German taste, perfected over 500 years.

Unlike other brands that follow fleeting trends, we rely on our expertise to brew excellent and genuine beer. Our commitment to quality and tradition is reflected in every sip of PREUẞENS PILSENER. Our beer is full of character and flavour, with an overwhelming bouquet of hops that leaves you wanting more.

We use only the best ingredients to make our exceptional beers, including pure water from the Harz nature reserve in Germany. And of course, we adhere to the German Purity Law to ensure that our beer is brewed to the highest standards.

In an increasingly homogenous beer market, PREUẞENS stands out as a truly unique brand. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a beer that stands out for its exceptional taste and character. So why settle for an ordinary beer when you can experience the taste of royalty with PREUẞENS? Try it today and discover why it is truly unique!


Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops and hops extract
Original gravity: 11,15 °P
Alcohol content: 4.9 % ABV
Bitterness unit: 18 IBU


Ingredients: water, wheat and barley malt, hops, yeast
Original gravity: 12 °P
Alcohol content: 5.2 % ABV
Bitterness unit: 11 IBU



Brewing beer has been a specialty of the House of Hohenzollern for a long time. Beer was first brewed at Hohenzollern Castle, the ancestral seat of the Hohenzollern family in Southern Germany. The Hohenzollern Family, that has produced Prince Electors of Brandenburg, Kings of Prussia as well as German Emperors had a major impact on German Beer Culture for over 500 Years.

On special occasions and private events, the catering operations pertaining to the House of Hohenzollern serve their own Pilsener. Owing to its popularity and high demand on the part of numerous enthusiastic attendees of said events, PREUẞENS PILSENER has been sold by the Royal Prussian Beer Manufacture nationwide since 2017.

  • 1577

    Prince Elector Johann Georg of Brandenburg (1525-1598) the first to recognise German brewer‘s craft as an independent soldarity.

  • 1650

    Under Friedrich Wilhelm, The Great Elector, beer has been widely accepted as a healthy and agreeable beverage.

  • 1715

    King Friedrich Wilhelm I. (1688-1740) held his famous “Tabak-Collegium” where he served beer instead of wine and with it became a great patron and supporter of the German beer culture.

  • 1730

    King Friedrich the Great (1712-1786) learnt how to brew beer as a traditional craftsmanship.

  • 1805

    Queen Luise (1776-1810) loved the combination of strong beer and strawberries.

  • 1898

    Emperor Wilhelm II. privately owned a porcellain factory that produced beer steins.

  • 2017

    Until today PREUẞENS beer follows the line of of a longlasting beer tradition.


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